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Duo Vitamin D and Calcium for Your Bone

Calcium Vitamin DMay be hundreds of times you hear the importance of calcium and vitamin D for bones and teeth strength. Calcium is a mineral that most are in the human body, namely 99 percent is in the skeleton, while the other one percent is in the body tissues and in the fluids that will be widely distributed throughout the body.

To avoid having rotten bones in old age, consumption of adequate calcium should be performed since the age of five. Because the bone formation begin in the children time and reached its peak in the age of 35 years. Research also shows calcium can increase the height level of the child. The recommended standard of the world health body (WHO) for calcium consumption, namely 800 mg / day for children under five and 800-1000 mg / day for people aged 15-65 years.

Honey as Nature Antibiotic

honey beeThe savor of honey is quite famous. Since days of old to this day the best honey can improve the body vitality. Not to stop there, honey appeared to have another property. Research conducted by the research team showed Canada, honey has the ability avert bacteria. Bacteria that can be fought by honey are bacteria that cause watery nose. Savor the honey nose watery even exceeds this antibiotic. From research conducted by a team from the University of Ottawa, Canada said, honey can overcome the 11 types of bacteria, including harmful bacteria cause disease.

There are two types of bacteria that mutate immune to the drugs and antibiotics, namely blue and golden Staphylococcus Suppurative Bacillus. Honey, two can be overcome and prevent bacterial growth. Effectiveness in the honey kills the bacteria can be better than the antibiotics.

Even to the nose of succulent, honey can be a medicine. Watery nose or flu known as viruses and bacteria, and need not be given the medicine because it will heal itself. Honey can help you prevent the occurrence of flu.

Therefore, it’s good to consumption of honey every day. You can mix it with a glass of warm water or a cup of tea. Drink honey every morning and before bed. Body can become more fit, and has a natural antibiotic, so that you do not need a lot of antibiotics from the drugs consume when you sick.