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How to Use the BlackBerry Smarter

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Here is some tips to use BlackBerry smarter. First, the Blackberry user must determine the appropriate device and telecommunication operator that will be used. Candidates for Blackberry users and devices need to determine a suitable operator. Select the operator that has strong signal near the residence.

Second, optimize the battery. This can be done with many ways. Among others, using sound in a minimal profile, lock the device always and use the time out to save the battery, and need up date devices routine.

Third, optimize memory. “At least once a day restart battery. Open the battery and attach again. This anticipates the memory full and erased it by its self. In addition, to save memory can be made with the multiform remove language that is installed in the Blackberry. That consumes the memory, so remove it. Because the multilanguages were installed in BlackBerry, there are Korean, English, and so forth.

BlackBerry Fever Trend in Modern Lifestyle

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BlackBerry or often abbreviated BB, smart phone original Canadian-made Research In Motion (Rim) addicted to its users around the world. Just like, U.S. President Barack Obama is not willing to left from his favorite gadget. New York Times newspaper, Issue 15 December 2008, show an image of Obama with a large size while holding the BlackBerry. Immediately it was attracting the world. Since exposure of the activities, the BlackBerry fever attack all over the world, as it were, to find the justification.

BB fever attack all over the world. BB not only becomes the professional choice of gadgets, but also the celebrity. Many celebrities are proud to hold BB. Not just for show, but it features a searchable BB. Push Email delivers the email as soon as SMS needs to be a professional basis. For celebities, chatting via BB increasingly becomes mandatory activity.

Travelling Getaway with Lombok Island, Senggigi Beach, Gilis Island, and Rinjani Mountain

Lombok is an island in the Small Sunda Islands or Nusa Tenggara, separated by the Lombok strait from Bali in the west and the Alas strait  in the east of Sumbawa.The island has 4.725 km ² width. Many people said, Lombok is the second island of Bali. The beach clean with a large, quiet, and exotic waves. See the various advantages of the Lombok, West Lombok in particular, it does not wonder if this area is also a choice destination for local and foreign tourists. Lombok is not only has a potential of natural wealth, but also for transportation relatively easy, inexpensive, and many alternatives to get there.
Senggigi Beach

Senggigi beach is a very famous tourism. The located of this beach is not so far from the Mataram city or from the airport in Ampenan, only 1 / 2 hour trip. This beach is on the western island of lombok, face Lombok strait which is border with the island of Bali. The Senggigi Beach’s sand is not as white as the beaches most popular. The sand is brown but clean and have a sloping contours so that is suitable for play.